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Quality Policy

Bergkau products belong to premium brands. Within our production, all business processes are carried out from the processing of raw materials to the creation of a finished product.


Bergkau has a two-factor system of quality control: testing of raw materials, testing of finished products.

Rubber undergoes 16 kinds of tests, after which it is allowed into production. Ready-made Air Springs is tested for life cycle and loading, expanding and burst test.


Bergkau has quality accreditation ISO / TS 16949: 2012; EAC / TP TC 018/2011

Our tests

  • Tests for raw materials:

    • Rheometer test

    • Adhesion test

    • Hardness test

    • Density test

    • Tensile strength test

    • Breaking elongation test

    • Material analysis

    • Source rupture tests

    • Tensile strength

    • Determination of moisture

    • Corrosion

    • Impact resistance

    • Ozone test

    • Low temperature

    • Determination of burning rate of elastomers

    • Rebound(Flexibility)measurement

  • Tests for raw materials:

    • Life cycle test

    • Loading, expanding and burst test